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Smelters continue expanding with increased capabilities for Aluminium production, and aluminum's strength, durability, recyclability, and weight make it the go-to choice for a wide and diverse range of mission-critical applications, such as aerospace, automotive, defence, and industries. Aluminum's ability to multitask has seen continuous demand growth. Smelters continue expanding. Aluminum's strength, durability, recyclability, and weight make it the go-to choice.

Our Service & Supply teams provide maintenance, modernization, replacement, and capacity growth activities for aluminium smelting plants that are already in operation with the services and materials that are relevant to those processes. Our team has extensive expertise operating in several different sectors of an Aluminium smelter, including the Casthouse, the Reduction, the Carbon, and the Refractory.

Apex Technical Supply is able to fulfil orders for supplies whenever they are placed since we keep a fleet of delivery trucks in our inventory. Our sites have sales and delivery professionals that are highly informed and competent in their respective fields.

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