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Apex Technical Supply is a Full Service Distributor, which means that in addition to providing Electrical and Industrial Maintenance, Repair, and Operations related products, they also service the needs of Waterworks, Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution for Government Owned Utilities, Desalination, and Power Stations. This allows them to provide a comprehensive range of solutions. When it comes to the industrial market, our customers are our commitment, and we are dedicated to providing excellence, service, and value to our customers.

Downtime in the utility industry can cause chaos, and it is our responsibility to prevent that from happening. Our team of highly trained technicians and skilled workers will make sure that you have access to optimised service solutions in addition to our selection of product solutions.

We provide a full line of products for electrical grids, water lines, waste water, desalination, and gas, which include power cables, electrical components, pipe, fittings, valves, gaskets, and tools for municipal power, water, and sewage facilities. Other products in this line include desalination equipment and gas.

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